A Political Satire and Family Drama

When corrupt politicians threaten to expand fracking onto Indian Land in North Dakota, a pair of precocious pre-teens join forces to save the day.

Controversy is swirling in Bismarck, as Harry Spindler, North Dakota’s inept and corrupt Governor expands fracking near a local Indian Reservation, and initiates a lucrative plan to privatize government agencies and services in cohort with BenCorp, a large multinational corporation with strong government connections (think Haliburton).

Trying to quell the uproar, the County Sheriff is butting heads with both the Chief of the local Reservation and his fiancé, an official with the North Dakota DEC.  As the national media heads to town to cover the controversy, a local Tea Party Congressman, beholden to both the Governor and Big Oil, is holding a press conference with the Chief’s daughter and the Sheriff’s soon-to-be stepson, both of whom are finalists in a Presidential Essay Contest on Energy and the Economy.  Unbeknownst to the Congressman, the precocious teens have written proposals for green energy and an FDR government work program that sends the Congressman reeling for cover.

The ensuing media frenzy threatens to expose the Governor’s corruption and to unravel the lives of two well-meaning families in a style that alternates from satiric to heart-wrenching.   In this real-life dramedy, with political characters as comically absurd as we see on CNN, only two twelve-year old kids, in their brilliant innocence, manage to keep the perspective and determination needed to save their community, their families, and perhaps the entire country.

Written by David Munnell, Producer/Director: Jonathan Tammuz