Alex, a secret agent who specializes in assassinations, seems less haunted by the terrible moral ambiguity of his work than by the aching void he feels over never having loved or been loved. 

When Alex catches a glimpse of Thea while tailing a mark on a subway, he abandons his mission and follows his heart. He becomes her secret admirer, sending her impassioned letters that reveal his need for her while hinting at the chasm that will forever keep them apart.

Over the course of a year, Thea in turn becomes obsessed with Alex’s correspondence while trying to carry on with her life. Circumstances and Alex’s own worsening situation bring them together for a fateful meeting.


Press Reviews

“Minotaur is a spellbinding movie that takes the story of a hit man to its dark, romantic extremes while remaining a taut, complex thriller. Its story unfolds with the melodramatic flair that equals the pitched-up emotions of John Woo’s The Killer, only without all the furious gunplay… The filmmakers weave the past and present into a maze of memory, pain and obsession”.

                                                                                       Paul Malcolm – LA Weekly

“Minotaur (is) an elegant and somber adaptation…  a drenchingly romantic thriller crafted with much care”.

                                                                                         Kevin Thomas – LA Times