A Romantic Comedy 

A young Irish woman is cursed in love until she recovers a mystical engagement ring lost when her boyfriend is tragically killed on Valentine’s Day.

 Rebecca Maloney has the world at her feet – a devoted and charming boyfriend, Séamus, a successful business, and wonderfully supportive friends.

But her idyllic life crumbles when Séamus suddenly dies, and loses a family heirloom – a ring believed to carry an ancient love curse.

The mystical ring travels on its own adventure, bringing new challenges from one unsuspecting owner to another.

Although not superstitious, Rebecca enlists the help of her close friends, Siobhán, an earnest religious fanatic, and Ciara, an eccentric clairvoyant, to recover the missing ring and break the “love curse”. Their quirky quest takes them on a rollercoaster ride through Dublin’s quaint and colourful underbelly.

Séamus’ ghost also tries to help, but his communication skills lag well behind his noble intentions, and his missives from beyond the grave are sometimes more confusing than helpful. Can this motley crew break the love curse and help Rebecca find love again?

Writer: Brenda Whitehall, Producers: Tristan Orpen Lynch & Jonathan Tammuz, Director: Jonathan Tammuz